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Blue Detox Cream

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Blue Detox Serum

Amount In cart
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30 ml
799 Kč
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2 ml
45 Kč
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- For all skin types
- Suitable for both women and men

Active substances in BLUE DETOX CREAM and SERUM products

Artemisia capillaris flower extract (capillary wormwood) – protection against blue light effects
Sodium Carboxymethyl Betaglucan (beta glucan) – stimulation of antioxidant ability of the skin, protection of proteins and lipids
Sodium Hyaluronate – hydration and regeneration effect
Bisabolol – soothing effect
Panthenol – soothing effect
Tocopheryl Acetate – antioxidant

EFFECTS of the active ingredients
• Create a state-of-the-art blocking barrier to the harmful effects of the blue light
• Counteract skin fatigue, detoxify and restore the fresh look
• Slow down the process of skin ageing, and restore the strength of facial contours.


Every day on cleansed skin. Apply in combination with Blue Detox cream or separately (as a base under your favourite cream). 
OUR TIP: For maximum effect and protection we recommend using the Blue Detox cream together with the Blue Detox serum. With oily skin, we recommend using the Blue Detox serum combined with your favourite cream designed for oily skin.

Mechanism of the primary active substance

RAYKAMI originates from a Japanese plant called Artemisia capillaris (capillary wormwood), which is endemic to northern Japan, more specifically to the SHIRAKAMI region where one of the last pristine forests on the planet is located. Raykami is an extract rich in polyphenols, providing the skin with protection and anti-age effect. In addition to the protective anti-protein-carbonylation* effect, Raykami reactivates collagen synthesis in the dermis. Thus, it improves the elasticity of the skin support layer and maintains its youthful condition.

Carbonylation refers to the oxidation of protein carbonyl groups. This process is often irreversible and leads to changes in the structure and functionality of the proteins. Carbonylation is primarily caused by UV light and high-energy visible (HEV) light, known as blue light (*)High levels of carbonylation activate, through their impact, premature and accelerated ageing of skin tissue; pigment spots and uneven skin being the first symptoms.


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